Abdomen liposuction for men

Abdominal liposuction in men allows the removal of surplus fat around the waist and stomach areas and love handles.

It is a cosmetic surgery intervention in which fat deposits localized in the abdomen are removed by aspiration. Liposuction eliminates the surplus fat that resists to dieting and sport.

Concerned people: men from the age of 30 years who have excess fat around the waist and love handles.

The new technique of skin smoothening from the inside avoids the appearance of post-intervention skin irregularities:  skin can be smoothened from the inside, thus avoiding the problems of skin irregularities and “wavy appearance”.

Several studies have shown that patients who had liposuction are more motivated to embrace a healthy lifestyle (regular physical activity, quitting smoking …) and to follow an equilibrated diet. This further improves the silhouette after the definitive removal by liposuction of the unpleasant fat deposits.

Liposuction is a simple and effective intervention that must be carried out by an officially qualified cosmetic surgeon (qualification recognized by the French Ordre National des Médecins). Dr Franchi is officially qualified and accredited by the Haute Autorité de Santé.


[Nota bene: the photographs presented above are only for information purposes. They are the results of a previous intervention. They do not predict in any case a future result.]