Fat injection

Lipofilling, lipostructure, fat injection

The injection of autologous fat (harvested from the patient) is a natural procedure that allows restoring the lost volumes, on the face (such as cheeks or chin) or the body (breast, bottom…).

This procedure can be performed on its own or in association with another technique. For instance, fat injection in the face during a face lift improves the final result and gives back a youthful appearance. In the breast, fat injection is often associated with the insertion of implants with the aim of avoiding imperfections, particularly in slim women (this technique is called «combined»).


[Nota bene: the photographs presented above are only for information purposes. They are the results of a previous intervention. They do not predict in any case a future result.]


We know that skin damaged by the sun is regenerated after fat injection, with an increase of its collagen and elastin.

For this reason, lipofilling is a very interesting procedure for our patients. It is performed during almost all face lifts to restore the volumes lost with age and to improve the skin texture.

These are the main benefits. As the injected fat cells belong to the patient (“autologous” fat), there is no rejection or reaction towards a foreign body; the body recognizes and accepts its own cells. There are very few complications. The injected fat cells produce molecules that rejuvenate the skin and facilitate the healing process (stem cells called “Adipose-Derived Stem Cells”).