Stem cells

Biostimulation with plasma

Biostimulation using autologous platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is an important scientific discovery whereby the patient’s filtered blood is used to improve healing and the surgery results.

During surgery, a small quantity of blood is collected from the patient and filtered to keep only the plasma (the fluid in which blood cells swim) and platelets. This platelet-rich plasma is then injected in the operated areas during the intervention.

PRP is autologous (it originates from your own blood) and therefore, cannot be rejected by your organism (non-immunogenic).

Some procedures performed by Dr Gérald Franchi associate the recent advances in biostimulation (PRP, stem cells) and surgery. These natural methods are now essential because they speed up the healing process, reduce inflammation, improve the skin quality and slow down the appearance of new wrinkles.

Examples of how biostimulation is used in cosmetic surgery:

  • combined with fat injections to restore the face volume
  • eye dark circle correction
  • scar improvement
  • improvement of hair density, activation of hair growth

The blood cells called platelets secrete growth factors that are involved in the proliferation of stem cells, which promote tissue repair and regeneration. Therefore, PRP improves the blood micro-circulation, promotes collagen production by the organism and reduces inflammation and pain.